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Annoucing Liz's OFFICIAL YouTube Channel!

Hello, beautiful ladies (and handsome men)!
Great news! .... After years of being featured to millions of viewers on eHow, ExpertVillage, TVLesson, 5min, and all over YouTube, I've finally decided to create MY OWN official YouTube Channel! You asked for longer, more detailed, and informative videos. Well now I'll be bringing you just that, and on a regular basis! I've got FIVE exclusive videos posted so far ("Rollersetting Curly Hair", "Keeping Natural Textured Long Hair", "Girls Night Out Hairstyles", "Nighttime Hair Care for Curls", and my "Top Picks for Hair Oils"). More videos will be added each week. All new. longer and exclusive hair care video HOW TOs just for you! Please check out MY OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE, tell a friend, and SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE (Remember, it's FREE!!! :)
... Your support is so appreciated! :) ... Liz
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UPDATES from Liz!

Sorry, I have not posted anything new in so long. I now have a Liz's Hair Design FACEBOOK fan page, which is far more personable in my opinion. PLEASE VISIT IT HERE AND JOIN! I will be able to post easier, and answer your questions better. Also, you may check out my latest videos on Hair Care on my channel at CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEOS. Thanks ;) ! .... Liz

HOW TO Reverse Hair Loss

Today, Liz addresses a sensitive subject for women, ... Hair Loss. there are many causes leading to hair loss. In this free video, Liz gives some insight on the problem, and how it can be treated.

HOW TO Put Rods in for a Perm

When putting rods in your hair for a perm, it's important to wash your hair only one time beforehand. Learn how to put in rods for a perm with tips from Liz, in this free video on hair care.

HOW TO Prepare Hair Before Using a Ceramic Flat Iron

Before using a ceramic flatiron, you'll want to prepare the hair using spray oil, a comb and clips. Make sure your hair is properly prepared before using a ceramic flatiron with guidance from professional hair designer. Liz Muller, in this free video on hair care.

HOW TO Curl Thick Hair With a Curling Iron

To curl thick hair, you'll need a small barrel curling iron along with a comb. Find out how to curl thick hair with a curling iron in this free video on hair curling by Liz.

HOW TO Get Curly Hair Without Using a Curling Iron

To curl your hair without using a curling iron, you'll have to use rollers and pins. Discover how to curl your hair without a curling iron with help from Liz, in this free video on hair curling.